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Bloomsbury cushions coming soon...

A Duncan Grant 'Clouds' fabric cushion sitting on a green velvet sofa.

I have absolutely loved learning about the world of cushions through my training in traditional upholstery. There is so much potential to create wonderful designs that can elevate a room and use gorgeous fabrics that are far more affordable in small doses. I think the best bit about my school is the lack of boundaries; every time I dream up something I want to create where there isn't already an established method, I'm encouraged to problem solve and make it happen.

I have so many ideas and creations I want to bring to life, but there are only so many cushions and chairs my house can hold!

So I've decided the best way to indulge this passion is to start making them available to buy. Knowing they will go to other homes to spark joy is the best feeling.

A cushion in Duncan Grant's 'Clouds' fabric on a striped art deco chair.

First up is a design using Duncan Grant's 'Clouds' dating back to 1932 paired up with a classic ticking fabric border in a flat Oxford style that makes the whole thing pop wonderfully. If you would like to purchase one of these cushions I will be making and launching batches very soon, or you can preorder by getting in touch before they are ready. Either email me on or message me on instagram at @hope_and_the_house.


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Absolutely stunning!

Anna Hope
Anna Hope
Jun 30, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much!! <3

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