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Hope and the House was created by Anna Hope to share her passion with those who also love timeless and sustainable interiors that celebrate authentic craftsmanship and preserve our creative heritage and history. 

Why sustainability and ethical practice is so important at Hope and the House

Anna has spent over a decade working in the non-profit sector focused on global poverty. Through her experiences she has developed a strong passion for bringing about change that can stop the devastating impacts of the climate crisis and environmental degradation of our planet. In 2021, Anna trained in traditional upholstery and undertook a one-year research project on the environmental impacts of the fabric and furniture industry. This made clear that the loss of traditional craftmanship and emergence of modern materials and techniques is causing both our heritage to be lost and untold harm to people and the planet. Modern upholstery uses materials and chemicals that cause significant environmental degradation, are often not as durable as traditional alternatives, and are both bad for our own health as well as causing life-threatening illnesses such as cancer in those working to produce them. When combined with a 'fast-fashion' mentality in our interiors industry that encourages following trends over longevity in pursuit of profit at any cost, and it becomes a perfect storm.


Many of you are becoming aware of the urgent need to change the way we live to take care of the world around us and achieve interiors that you can be confident are creating a better future for generations to come. But trying to make better choices when designing and furnishing our homes can be a minefield. Big companies often market themselves as sustainable when in fact they are not, and it is almost impossible to trace the full supply chain of what you are buying. Hope and the House takes this burden off your shoulders, keeping up to date with the latest information and research, taking great care to source ethically and sustainably, and making sure you can enjoy the ultimate feel-good factor in your home.

Anna Hope

Hope and the House combines creativity with a passion for making our world a better place.

Anna produces sustainable and ethical upholstery and textile products in her Bristol Studio, and supports clients across the South West of England to create beautiful homes that celebrate tradition and are kind to our planet. If you would like to find out more or have a no-obligation chat about how Anna can help you in your home, please get in touch at


   Examples of ways sustainability is put into practice at Hope and the House

  • An emphasis on vintage and antique materials and products helps reduce consumption and waste, preserves heritage, and honours the work of artists and makers of the past
  • Packaging is carbon neutral and recyclable

  • Deliveries are made by companies committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions (unless very exceptional circumstances, for example where delivery is unavailable by that company)

  • Foam is never used in any upholstery, and traditional methods are followed

  • New materials used are renewable and recyclable unless prevented by industry regulations. For example my bespoke cushion inserts are 100% wool, delivered by electric vehicle and promote animal welfare, but the cover used for them has to be fire retardant by law and is therefore treated with chemicals.

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